Bimeda Further Expands Its Nutritional Range with the Launch of a New Oral Paste For Calves

Octavo is an oral paste which delivers essential vitamins, minerals and energy forms to calves

 Bimeda Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of a new nutritional product for calves, to further broaden its existing nutritional portfolio.

Octavo is an oral paste which delivers essential vitamins, minerals and energy forms to calves. Octavo can be administered from birth and delivers energy to new-born calves in the form of fatty acid-rich vegetable oils and sorbitol.

Octavo also contains the trace elements copper, selenium and iodine which are important for general health and thrive, as well as delivering vitamins A, D and E which are vital for immune function and ongoing health.

This new product makes a great addition to Bimeda's existing nutritional product range for calves, which includes well known brands such as Biocolost B, a concentrated immunoglobulin feed for the provision of colostral antibodies for rapid enhancement of immunity in new-born ruminants and Boviferm Plus, a supplementary feeding-stuff for the diarrhoeic calf, offering rehydration and additional benefits.

This new product introduction comes in the same week that Bimeda announced the launch of various new nutritional products for adult cattle, including OD-Flore (a ready-to-use complementary dietetic feedstuff intended to reduce the risk of acidosis in dairy cows), OD-Mine ( a ready-to-use complementary dietetic feedstuff for dairy cows with or at risk of milk fever post-calving) and Belavit AD3E solution for injection (for the treatment of combined vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E deficiencies in horses, cattle, pigs and dogs). Belavit AD3E soluiton for injection is a category LM (Licensed Merchant) product. All other

These new product launches highlight Bimeda's commitment to the nutritional sector and serve to support their existing nutritional range, which includes the Cosecure and CoseIcure trace element boluses for ruminants.

For further queries on Bimeda's new or existing products, contact your local Bimeda sales representative or call Bimeda on Lo Cal 1850 51 52 53. See for further information.

To note: Legal Category of Bimeda Nutritional Products featured in this press release:
LM (Licensed Merchant): Cosecure Cattle Bolus, Belavit AD3E solution for injection
Complementary Dietetic Feedstuffs: All other featured products
The full product SPCs for the Cosecure Cattle Bolus and Belavit AD3E
solution for injection are hosted on the HPRA website. Data sheets for all products are available on

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