Bimeda Ireland Boosts Nutritional Range with Three New Product Launches

OD-Mine, Belavit AD3E, and OD-Flore OD-Mine, Belavit AD3E, and OD-Flore

Bimeda Ireland has this week announced the launch of three new products to complement its existing nutrition range for cattle.

The products are intended for use in adult dairy cattle and include a ready-to-use formulation for use in cattle at risk of milk fever, an oral solution intended to reduce the risk of acidosis andan injection, which is licensed for the treatment of combined vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E deficiencies in, cattle and additional species (horses, pigs and dogs). 

OD-Mine is also intended for use in cows that are suffering from milk fever or are at risk of milk fever. It is a ready-to-use oral solution, which should be give to dairy cows post-calving, and which contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, glycerine, sodium chloride, selenium, phosphorous and iodine.

​Bimeda Ireland General Manager Andrew Glynn, commented, 'this product is a great addition to Bimeda's existing nutritional range for cattle which includes various products for use around calving time, such as Phosphor Bovisal; our calcium and phosphorus drench which is intended for use at calving, and our Bovisal Pearls, which is a ready-to-use oral calcium supplement which contains both slow and fast release forms of calcium and is ideal for the compensation of deficient situations in cows after calving.'

​Bimeda's second product release this week is OD-Flore - a ready-to-use complementary dietetic feed for dairy cows, which is intended to reduce the risk of acidosis and act as an aid to restore ruminal pH.

​The company was also pleased to announce the launch of Belavit AD3E, solution for injection for horses, cattle, pigs, and dogs, which is a category LM (Licensed Merchant) product licensed for the treatment of combined vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E deficiencies. Suitable for both subcutaneous and intramuscular administration, the solution comes in a convenient 100ml pack size.

 These new additions further strengthen Bimeda's nutritional product offering for adult cattle, which include Ireland's only licensed multiple trace element bolus- Cosecure cattle, its sister product; CoseIcure Cattle.

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