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November 2018 The Bimeda team were pleased to attend  an xL Vet Ireland Nutrition seminar titled; 'What is happening to our calves at grass'. The event took place on 7th November at the Horse & Jockey Hotel in County Tipperary. There were 10 guest speakers on the day, and topics discussed included understanding of the causes of illnesses that calves suffer from at grass, as well as prevention measures. The event carried 6.5 CVE points for the vets in attendance and the day received excellent feedback. Members of the Bimeda UK and Ireland sales and technical teams were pleased to…
Bimeda were delighted to sponsor and support a Kerry Clinical Vet Society talk on Thursday 8 Nov 2018 in Tralee. Guest speaker on the night was Prof Conor McAloon from UCD Vet School, on the topic of Early Calf Health and management.
2018 has been a year of wind, snow, droughts and fodder shortages. The important job of housing is now coming; where cattle are finally put on to what’s left of the permanent conserved forages and grains for the winter. With farms reporting variable amounts of fodder and many farmers worrying whether they will have enough for another prolonged winter, it is imperative that farmers take steps to ensure what fodder they have is utilised as efficiently as possible. One important way of ensuring good utilisation of feed for all stock is ensuring that animals are parasite free. If unchecked, heavy…
Ectoflits OP sheep dip manufacturer, Bimeda, is calling for farmers to start planning their approach for the control of sheep ecto-parasites this autumn and winter. One of Bimeda’s Professional Services Veterinarians, Rachel Mallet, commented, ‘at this time of year, appropriate and proactive control of ecto-parasites should be on the agenda for all sheep farmers. We are encouraging farmers who have moved away from plunge dipping with an OP dip in previous years, to reconsider this option for the control and treatment of external parasites.’ ‘In the past decade or so, farmers have moved towards 3ML injections (ivermectin, doramectin and moxidectin),…
Roy McCrea farms with his two sons, Richard and Mark in Tree Tops Farm. The farm is located in picturesque Claudy in Co. Derry, Northern Ireland. Tree Tops Farm is a dairy enterprise which milks 700 cows. The cows are very high performing, with milk yields of 9000kg, and the farm supplies Stathroy Dairies. A number of years ago, the McCreas were concerned that their herd was not preforming as well as it should be. With the aid of their vet, they embarked on a quest to find out what was holding their herd back. They ran blood tests and…
Bimeda were very proud to co-host a talk on sheep ecto-parasites on Wednesday 28th February. The talk was hosted in conjunction with Terence O’Shea Animal Health and took place in the Brook Lane Hotel in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. There was a great crowd with nearly 50 sheep farmers attending to hear from Paudie Hyland MVB. The talk focused on very topical and important issues around sheep parasite control, namely ticksbiting lice and sheep scab. Paudie explained the causes and treatment of these ecto-parasites. He also advised how best to prevent these parasites from infecting sheep as prevention is better than…


Friday, 09 March 2018 16:01
Unpredictable weather patterns could result in a high Nematodirosis risk in Spring 2018. This is why it’s vital to keep checking the Nematodirus forecast to determine if and when your lambs are at risk. Nematodirosis is a deadly disease which can strike in young lambs. The parasite Nematodirus battus is ingested from pasture and where high burdens are present can cause severe intestinal damage resulting in profuse, watery diarrhoea and even death. Sheep often become infected by roundworms passed from animal to animal, via the pasture, in the same grazing season. Nematodirus battus is different because it is transmitted from…

Pre Calving Trace Element Status

Friday, 09 March 2018 15:45
The pre-calving management period is a key time to set up the herd for calving, lactation and return to service and is vital for healthy calves. One aspect which must be considered is trace element status. We’re generally very good at realising the importance of nutrition in terms of energy requirements but we shouldn’t neglect the importance of adequate mineral status. The trace elements with the most significance during this period are copper, iodine and selenium -partially because of their importance for healthy offspring and partially because of their role in fertility. Iodine is integral to the thyroid hormones which…

South West Sheep Seminar A Great Success

Friday, 16 February 2018 14:15
On Tuesday 13th February 2018 Bimeda in association with Terence O Shea Animal Health hosted a sheep seminar on Ectoparasites in sheep with Padraig Hyland MVB from Castlecomer Vets in Kilkenny. The hosts for the talk were Tim & Eileen Creedon at the Top Of Coom public house, Kilgarvan, on the Kerry Cork border. There was an attendance of over 50 farmers to hear topics such as lice, scab, ticks, and blowfly on sheep; diseases associated with each and treatments. There were husbandry refresher on biosecurity and preparing for lambing. There was a draw for 3 spot prizes. Each attendee…
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