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An aid to restore ruminal pH

Category: Nutritional

Species: Cattle

Active Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, yeast products

Legal Category: Complementary dietetic feedstuff


What is OD-Flore?

OD-Flore is a complementary dietetic feed for dairy cows, which is intended to reduce the risk of acidosis. OD-Flore contributes to the biochemical equilibrium in ruminants and stimulates ruminal flora.


OD-Flore is is intended to reduce the risk of acidosis in dairy cattle and to help restore ruminal pH.


  • Ready-to-use formulation
  • Contains sodium bicarbonate – an aid to restore ruminal pH

Withdrawal Period

Meat and Offal0 days
Milk0 days

Pack Size

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
1ODF001500 mL20