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More than just a rehydration supplement

Category: Nutritional

Species: Cattle

Active Ingredients: electrolytes, dextrose, buffering agents, lactic acid bacteria, vegetable mucins and mineral bulking agents

Legal Category: Complementary dietetic feedstuff


What is Boviferm Plus?

Boviferm Plus is a supplementary feeding-stuff for the diarrheoic calf, offering rehydration and additional benefits. Containing electrolytes, dextrose, buffering agents, lactic acid bacteria, vegetable mucins and mineral bulking agents, Boviferm Plus is an excellent aid to the recovery of scouring calves.


For rapid rehydration, acidosis correction and the bulking of the stool in scouring calves.


  • Can be fed with milk or milk replacer
  • Animal Health Ireland recommends scouring calves are kept on milk or milk replacer*
  • Superior Rehydration (Strong Ion Difference SID)
  • Does not interfere with clot formation
  • Contains premium ingredients to aid with the calf’s recovery from scour
  • Highly palatable
  • Superior acidosis reduction
  • Superior quality ingredients to promote rapid healing of the gut
  • Bulking agents to bind toxins & firm the stool
  • Aids the calf’s recovery from diarrhoea

*Source: Animal Health Ireland, Management of the Scouring Calf

Premium Ingredients...For...
Plant Mucilages Protects the intestinal mucosa & helps damaged intestinal mucosa regenerate faster
Oralin® A probiotic which re-establishes & stabilises intestinal flora
Mineral & Vegetable adsorbents (montmorillonite, diatomaceous earth, pectin) Firms stool and binds toxins, so they are rendered harmless & excreted
Astringents Improves absorption of water and nutrients. Hinders penetration by enterotoxins
Camomile Anti-inflammatory, reduces spasms
Fennel Stimulates appetite, Relieves spasms, induces expulsion of gas
Aniseed Relieves spasms, induces expulsion of gas

The benefits of continued milk feeding
Boviferm Plus does not interfere with clot formation, and aids the calf’s recovery from diarrhoea

Continued feeding of milk to the calf is highly important. The milk clot which forms is slowly absorbed by the blood stream over the next few hours, meaning that even in damaged intestines, the calf has an opportunity to utilise the goodness of the milk through this slow release mechanism and get a sustained protein and energy supply.

However bicarbonate which is found in many electrolytes interferes with acidity of calf stomach, causing a direct reduction in hydrochloric acid availability in abomasum. Therefore rennin cannot cause milk clot formation and casein and fat digestion is impaired.

Use of Boviferm Plus will not impede with clot formation so the calf will have the best chance to utilise the building block protein casein and the energy of the milk fats to aid healing of the intestine and recovery from the diarrhoea.

calf stomach

SID (Strong Ion Difference)
Boviferm Plus offers superior buffering or alkalizing capacity

Scouring calves will often suffer from acidosis. To overcome the danger of acidosis, it is vital to neutralise high acid levels as soon as possible. Boviferm Plus offers superior alkalizing capacity.

A measurement of how effectively a product neutralises the acid is known as Strong Ion Difference, or SID. As the below chart demonstrates Boviferm Plus offers a superior Strong Ion Difference.

boviferm graph

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