Bimeda Launches Macrosyn, 100mg/ml tulathromycin solution for injection for cattle, pigs and sheep

Bimeda Animal Health Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of Macrosyn solution for injection for cattle, pigs and sheep [POM], which contains 100mg/ml tulathromycin.

Following appropriate diagnostics, Macrosyn is indicated for use to treat specific conditions caused by specific bacteria susceptible to tulathromycin:

In cattle, for the treatment of BRD (M. haemolytica, P. multocida, H. somni, M. bovis) and IBK (Moraxella bovis ),In pigs, for the treatment of SRD (A. pleuropneumoniae, P. multocida, M. hyopneumoniae, H. parasuis, B. bronchiseptica),In sheep, for the treatment of the early stages of foot rot (Dichelobacter nodosus) requiring systemic treatment.

Bimeda Ireland's General Manager Andrew Glynn, commented; 'we are very pleased to announce the launch of Macrosyn to the Irish marketplace, which is a great addition to Bimeda's extensive range of POM products. With short meat withdrawal periods of 22 days for cattle, 13 days for pigs and 16 days for sheep, we are sure that Macrosyn will play an important role in the treatment of infections caused by tulathromycin-sensitive bacteria, following appropriate diagnostics. The small 12.5ml subcutaneous dose for 500kg LW cattle and the convenient 100ml pack sizes are also attractive features of the product. The launch of a 50ml pack size will follow in the coming months.'

The launch of Macrosyn comes on the heels of a number of other exciting product launches for Bimeda. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not prevented the company from bringing new medicinal and nutritional products to market in 2020, including their recent launches of Oxycomplex NS Solution for Injection (POM) (containing 100mg/ml of Oxytetracycline (and 20mg/ml Flunixin), apple-flavoured Cronyxin Oral Paste for Horses (POM)(containing 50mg/g flunixin) and the nutritional ZincoIsel Sheep trace element bolus, which delivers ionic zinc, iconic cobalt, iodine and selenium for up to four months. Andrew Glynn added, 'we are committed to continuing to deliver new products which will optimise the health, productivity and wellbeing of animals and our four recent product launches are indicative of our dedication to serving the needs of Irish veterinarians and farmers.'

For more information, speak to your Bimeda sales representative, your wholesaler, or call Bimeda on Lo Call 1850 51 52 53.

Use Medicines Responsibly. Full product information can be found on the SPC which is hosted on the HPRA website, or on Bimeda's product data sheet, which is hosted on and also available from your Bimeda sales representative. Macrosyn is a Prescription Only Medicine and, as with all veterinary pharmaceutical products, should be used only following on from appropriate diagnostics.

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