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Dual antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory injection for cattle
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Product CodeUnit PackageCase Size
1OXY005100 mL12

Category: Anti-Microbial

Species: Cattle

Active Ingredients: oxytetracycline, flunixin

Legal Category: POM


What is Oxycomplex NS?

Oxycomplex NS, is an injection for cattle containing the anti-microbial oxytetracycline and the anti-inflammatory flunixin.


For the control and treatment of infectious diseases of cattle caused by or associated with organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline, where concurrent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-endotoxic or antipyretic therapy is desired.

The product is especially indicated for the treatment of respiratory disease (particularly that associated with Mannheimia and Pasteurella infection) and acute mastitis (in conjunction with appropriate intramammary therapy).


  • For intravenous & deep intramuscular use
  • A useful combination product with an antibiotic and an anti inflammatory agent
  • Broad spectrum activity against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria
  • Rapid response
  • For treatment of pneumonia, acute mastitis and disease associated with organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline

Withdrawal Periods

Meat and Offal28 days
Milk5 days.
Milk for human consumption must not be taken during treatment. Milk for human consumption may be taken from cows only after 10 milkings (5 days) following the last treatment.
Where cows are milked twice daily milk may be taken for human consumption from the 11th milking following the last treatment.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

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