Bimeda Announces Launch of Hemosilate Solution for Injection (125mg/ml of Etamsylate)

Bimeda Animal Health Limited is pleased to announce the launch to the Irish market of Hemosilate Solution for Injection, containing 125mg/ml of etamsylate.

Hemosilate is licensed for use in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, dogs and cats and is indicated for the prevention and treatment of surgical, post traumatic, obstetric and gynaecological haemorrhages. Hemosilate may be used for the prevention of bleeding prior to surgery and for treatment post-trauma for up to 3 days in order to control ongoing bleeding.

Bimeda Ireland General Manager Andrew Glynn commented, 'we are pleased to bring another new product to the Irish marketplace and believe that Hemosilate will be a valuable addition to the toolkit of Irish veterinarians. Hemosilate is licensed for both IV and IM use and has a zero meat withdrawal following IV use and a 1 day meat withdrawal period following IM use. The fact that Hemosilate is licensed for use in multiple species and can be used for both the prevention and treatment of bleeding means that the product offers true flexibility and convenience to the Irish veterinarian.'

Hemosilate is a category VPO medicine and as such is licensed for use only by a registered veterinary practitioner. The product is available in a carton containing five 20ml vials.

The launch of Hemosilate is the latest of numerous product launches for Bimeda in 2020 and comes within the same week of Bimeda's announcement of the launch of Macrosyn solution for injection (tulathromycin 100mg/ml). In recent months Bimeda has added multiple products to its nutritional portfolio, including products for cows at risk of milk fever (the Cap Calcium Bolus and the OD Mine ready-to-use complementary dietetic feed) and an oral syringe for newborn calves (Octavo), which delivers energy, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Over the summer, Bimeda were also pleased to launch the apple-flavoured Cronyxin Oral Paste for Horses (flunixin 50m/g) as well as relaunching Oxycomplex NS solution for injection (Oxytetracycline 100mg/ml and Flunixin 20mg/ml).

Andrew Glynn added, 'we are happy to have been able to expand our product offering this year and to offer an ever-expanding portfolio to Irish veterinarians.' 

For further information on any product within the Bimeda range, call Bimeda on Lo Call 1850 51 52 53 or contact your local Bimeda representative. Bimeda's full product range can be found on

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