Ectofly Applicator
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Category: Applicator

Species: Sheep

Legal Category: OTC

Ectofly Applicator


The Ectofly Applicator should be used with the Ectofly 12.5mg/ml Pour On Solution For Sheep.

Ectofly Applicator Nozzles

The Ectofly applicator is supplied with three different nozzles. Different nozzles are used to target different parasites. Ensure that the you are using the appropriate nozzle, prior to using Ectofly.



For Ectofly to be effective, it must be used correctly. Watch our animation to learn more about how to correctly apply Ectofly using the Ectofly Applicator and nozzles


Always refer to product literature for correct administration instructions, before administering any medicinal or nutritional product. If in doubt, contact your animal health advisor or veterinarian.

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