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Low dose, long-acting, rain-resistant wormer

Category: Anti-Parasitic

Species: Cattle

Active Ingredients: abamectin

Legal Category: LM

What is Abinex-Forte?

Abinex-Forte Pour-on is for the treatment and control of internal & external parasites in beef and non-lactating dairy cattle.


A broad spectrum endectocide of the avermectin family, effective against internal and external parasites sensitive to this family.

For the treatment and control of the following mature and immature roundworms and lungworms in cattle:

  • Haemonchus spp.
  • Cooperia spp.
  • Trichostrongylus spp.
  • Dictyocaulus spp.
  • Ostertagia spp.
  • Trichuiris, adult
  • Oesophagostomum spp.
  • Nematodirus spp.

Also for treatment and control of sucking and biting lice (Linognathus vituli and Damalinia bovis, respectively).


  • Long acting - 8 weeks
  • Economical volume dose (1 mL / 20;kg)
  • Rain resistant within 1 hour
  • 2.5 litres pack treats 200 x 250 kg cattle


Withdrawal Periods

Meat and Offal28 days
MilkDO NOT USE in non-lactating dairy cows, including pregnant heifers within 60 days of calving.


Pack Sizes

List No.Unit PackageCase Size