Great Results with CoseIcure Soluble Glass Sheep Boluses

Joanne Devaney, Sheep Shearer, Farmer, 3 X Queen of The Shears

Joanne Devaney (aka ‘Joanne The Shearer’) suspected that trace element deficiencies could be contributing to health and fertility issues among her flock.

quoteIn December 2020 we carried out forage samples on the mountain commonage in Sligo where we keep our flock of Mayo Blackface ewes. We discovered that there was a deficiency in both copper and cobalt in the grass and heather. We decided to try out CoseIcure sheep boluses. When we gathered the ewes in for scanning in late February, we were extremely impressed with the strength and condition of our in-lamb ewes after enduring a tough winter. It meant we could put most of the ewes back out onto the mountain, right until lambing. We were so pleased with the results that we used the CoseIcure boluses again the following year on more of our hill sheep, and we have continued using them ever since.’


CoseIcureSheep UK


  • Ionic copper
  • Iodine
  • Ionic cobalt
  • Selenium