1. - If any product is damaged, please sign "Damaged"
  2. - A/C payable within one month after delivery. Otherwise interest will be charged at the ECB overnigt rate plus 5% per day.
  3. - If senders are not notified within 21 days from the above of the "no receipt" of these products, no claim for loss can be entertained.
  4. - Reservation of the title: The Title to the products supplied with this invoice shall remain the property of BIMEDA ANIMAL HEALTH LIMITED, until all sums due are paid in full. It is an express condition of sale that neither the manufactures nor the contractors, servants or agents can accept liability for any loss that may be claimed from handling, storage, application or use of these products, howsoever such loss may be caused. Payment Terms: Payments are due 30 days following date of delivery. Net storage or damage to Products must be notified within 5 days of receipt of Products.