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Coseicure Sheep Bolus Applicator
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Category: Applicator

Species: Sheep

Legal Category: OTC

Coseicure Sheep Bolus Applicator


The Coseicure Sheep Bolus Applicator is suitable for administering CoseIcure, Cosecure and ZincoIsel Sheep Boluses

Download our applicator instructions leaflet prior to use, to ensure correct administration technique.

Warming Boluses Prior To Use

Please note, the CoseIcure, Cosecure and ZincoIsel boluses use soluble glass technology which means they are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature such as may happen when very cold boluses are swallowed by the animal.

Failure to ensure the boluses are warmed prior to administration may result in the development of fine cracks which can alter the activity of the bolus.

Warming the boluses to body temperature prior to insertion and quiet handling of sheep during insertion will reduce this risk. To do so, place boluses in your pockets, close to your body, prior to use.


Prior to use, download our application instructions leaflet, to assist with correct administration technique.

Always refer to product literature for correct administration instructions, before administering any medicinal or nutritional product. If in doubt, contact your animal health advisor or veterinarian.

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