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Oral Calcium Supplement for Cows

Category: Nutritional

Species: Cattle

Active Ingredients: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, glucoplastic energy

Legal Category: Complementary dietetic feedstuff


What is Bovisal Pearls?

Bovisal Pearls is an oral calcium supplement for cows.


Liquid Calcium Gel with Sustained-Release Pearls for compensation of deficient situations in cows, after calving.


  • 4 different calcium sources
  • Glucoplastic energy
  • Free from calcium chloride
  • Only 2 applications needed
  • Unique calcium pearls for sustained release
  • Phosphorus for prevention of hypophosphataemia
  • Rapid absorption of the calcium gel

Withdrawal Periods

Meat and Offal0 days
Milk0 days

Pack Sizes

List NoUnit PackageCase Size
1BOV024660 g24