Apple-flavoured ivermectin oral paste for horses
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1BIM0986.42 g24

Category: Anti-Parasitic

Species: Horses

Active Ingredients: ivermectin

Legal Category: LM


What is Bimectin Oral Paste?

Bimectin Oral Paste is an apple-flavoured oral paste for horses, containing 18.7mg/g of ivermectin. It is licensed for the treatment of a broad range of internal parasites.


Bimectin is indicated for the treatment of nematode or arthropod infestations in horses due to:

  • Large strongyles
  • Small strongyles
  • Lungworms (adult and immatures)
  • Pinworms (adult and immatures)
  • Hairworms (adults)
  • Large-mouth stomach worms (adults)
  • Ascarids (adults and third & fourth stage larvae)
  • Neck threadworms (microfilariae)
  • Intestinal threadworms (adults)
  • Stomach bots (oral and gastric stages)
  • Ivermectin is not effective against the encysted larval stages of the small strongyles



  • Apple flavoured
  • Calibrated syringe for accurate dosage
  • Approved for use in horses of all ages
  • Gel formulation for ease of dose and absorption
  • Broad spectrum ivermectin anthelmintic and boticide
  • Broad spectrum activity against a wide range of parasites


Withdrawal Periods

Meat and Offal34 days
MilkNot permitted for use in mares producing milk for human consumption.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

MSDS are available on request from Bimeda. Call Lo Call 1850 51 52 53 or email