Ireland’s Only Non-OP Dip with A Tick Claim Is Back In Stock!

Bimeda is pleased to announce that Cyperguard Non-OP Sheep Dip is now available again for sale in Ireland.

Cyperguard is a Non-OP sheep dip, containing cypermethrin 10% w/w, which is licensed for the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike, lice, keds and ticks on sheep by plunge dipping after dilution of the product with water. Cyperguard is also licensed for the prevention and treatment of sheep scab caused by pyrethroid-sensitive mites.

Bimeda Ireland's General Manager, Andrew Glynn, commented, 'the product's availability comes at an ideal time, as we head into key blowfly season. Cyperguard provides up to 9 weeks' protection against blowfly strike and is also the only dip available in Ireland which is licensed for the treatment and prevention of ticks.'

Cyperguard has a short, convenient 14 day meat withdrawal period and for 2020 is available in a 1 litre and 2 litre pack size.

For more information, speak to your Bimeda representative, visit, or call Bimeda on Lo Call 1850 51 52 53.
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