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Founded in Ireland in 1961, Bimeda® is an international developer, manufacturer and marketer of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health care products. In addition to distributing Bimeda® branded products in over seventy countries world-wide, Bimeda® also manufacture private label for distributors, agents and international  companies.

Bimeda®  is focussed on providing a comprehensive, customer driven service, selling consistently high-quality products, at a market-conscious price level.


View CyperGuard Video

Learn Cyperguard correct dipping procedure
For the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike, lice, keds and ticks on sheep and for the prevention and treatment of sheep scab caused by pyrethroid sensitive mites
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View Ectofly Video

watch how to administrer ectofly video

Learn how to administer Ectofly
For the treatment and control of Blowfly Strike, Ticks, Lice and Headflies on Sheep and Lambs
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View Boviseal Video

Learn how to administer Boviseal

Learn how to administer Boviseal
Non-antibiotic dry cow treatment, for the prevention of intramammary infections throughout the dry period
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Mineral Deficiency

Thiomolybdate toxicity & mineral deficiencies on Irish farms - diagnosis & solutions

Learn about Mineral Deficiency
Peter Bone Trains Vets in techniques to avoid mineral deficiency in cattle and sheep.
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Bimeda Ireland

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