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Household flea spray

Category: Anti-Parasitic

Species: Cats, Dogs

Active Ingredients: dimeticone

Legal Category: OTC

What is Flee?

Flee, containing dimeticone, is a pesticide-free, chemical free and non-allergenic household spray which eliminates fleas, mites and pupae. FLEE’s active component, dimeticone, makes it different to many other household flea sprays. FLEE works by physically coating the flea, mite or pupae and forming a ‘sticky trap’ to render them immobile.


For the control of fleas, mites and pupae in the domestic environment, such as houses, cars and caravans.


  • Pesticide free
  • Chemical free
  • Odourless
  • Non-allergenic
  • Effective against all stages of the flea life cycle, from eggs to adult fleas
  • Effective against dust mites
  • 9 weeks’ protection
  • Unique mode of action


FLEE is sprayed over carpets, soft furnishings, pet beds, curtains and any areas that the pet comes into contact with.

flea stage 1


The flea, mite or pupae is coated with a fine layer of dimeticone, rendering it immobile

flea stage 2


Within one to 3 minutes, FLEE has taken effect

flea stage 3

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