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Bimeda Nutrition and Mastitis Control Talks, March 2016

Bimeda Ireland were pleased to recently host some talks on the topics of nutrition and mastitis control, in association with Ashwood Veterinary Practice in Mohill.

The talks took place in the Teagasc Centre in Mohill and Nutritionist Peter Bone was the key speaker.

Peter spoke on the topic of trace element nutrition in ruminants, and spoke about common trace element toxicities and deficiencies in ruminants in Ireland.

Peter also endorsed Bimeda’s Coseicure soluble glass boluses, which supply copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium for up to 8 months in sheep and up to 5 months in cattle.

Bimeda representative, Shane Jennings, also gave a talk on Bimeda’s Stalosan F environmental bedding powder, which is a long-term, broad-spectrum antibacterial powder, which creates optimum sanitary conditions in animal housing.  It is effective against numerous bacteria, viruses, funghi and parasites, responsible for conditions such as lameness, mastitis, scour and pneumonia. Stalosan F Absorbs high levels of water & ammonia, for improved air quality.

The talks were well received by all present.

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