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Bimeda Launch Revolutionary Antibacterial Powder; Stalosan F

Bimeda are pleased to announce the launch of Stalosan F Antibacterial Powder under the Bimeda brand. This long-lasting, broad spectrum, economical powder is set to play a key part in many farmers’ herd and flock health plans.

Sales Manager Andrew Glynn, commented, ‘Stalosan F is a highly effective, economical and convenient antibacterial powder which is ideal for promoting on-farm bio-security. It is suitable for use in bedding areas and cubicles of all livestock species.

Stalosan F is effective against dozens of important viruses, bacteria, parasites and funghi, and will play an important role this winter and next spring in keeping cattle free from mastitis and lameness. Stalosan F is highly effective against the key mastitis-causing bacteria, including E.coli, Coliform bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus uberis. It is also effective against organisms which cause abortion, including salmonella, BVD, lepto & neospora as well as against lameness-causing organisms, including those causing digital-dermatitis’

Bimeda’s Technical Vet Padraig Hyland added, ‘Stalosan F is also highly absorbent and can absorb up to more than four times as much ammonia and water as lime. This creates drier bedding and improves air quality, which can play a role in reducing respiratory diseases such as pneumonia’.

Padraig added, ‘Stalosan F will also play a vital role in promoting calf health in spring 2015. As calving pens become more crowded, calves are very susceptible to infectious diseases. Pneumonia and scour in particular are huge issues and are actually the biggest killers of calves in Ireland. A fact that will come as a big relief to farmers is that Stalosan F is effective against key scour and pneumonia-causing micro-organisms, such as E-coli & salmonella, coccidiosis, pasteurella multocida and mycoplasma. It is also virucidal and reduces incidences of Navel-Ill’.

For more information, contact Bimeda on 1850 51 52 53 or visit your local stockist.

stalosan f cattlestalosan f calf

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