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Bimeda Ireland Hosts Mastitis Prevention Event With Global Mastitis Expert Mr Peter Edmondson

On 15th September 2016, Bimeda Ireland was pleased to host a training event and workshop which explored best practice for mastitis prevention in dairy cows.  The workshop took place at the Horse & Jockey Hotel in Tipperary and the key speaker at the event was renowned mastitis expert and veterinarian, Mr Peter Edmondson. MVB, FRCVS.

The event focused on best practice for mastitis prevention. In a volatile milk price market, the prevention of mastitis, which reduces milk yield, productivity and profitability, is increasingly important for the Irish farmer.  Peter highlighted the vital role that Boviseal teat sealant plays in preventing mastitis and stressed that every single dairy cow in the country should receive Boviseal at dry off.

The event also considered the topic of selective dry cow therapy; whereby some farmers move away from the blanket use of antibiotics in their herds, to an approach whereby antibiotics are used only in cows where an infection has been identified. As the use of antibiotics comes under increasing pressure, this is a highly important, topical and interesting area to explore.

The event was attended by veterinarians and other animal health professionals, as well as representatives from Cell Check and Teagasc. The event was covered by a number of publications and industry websites; including Agriland who wrote this article following the event

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