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Enjoy Peace Of Mind This Winter With, Proven & Patented Boviseal®

Mastitis - Prevention Is Cheaper Than Cure

The last thing you want this winter is to worry about mastitis. You want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your cows are protected throughout the entire dry period.

Patented Boviseal® is designed to remain in the teat canal throughout the entire dry period; forming a physical barrier that environmental bacteria cannot penetrate. If they can’t get into the teat and udder, they cannot cause mastitis.

So if you’d rather spend this winter with your feet up by the fire than dealing with mastitis, make sure you insist on patented Boviseal®

Boviseal® is Patented

It’s also important to remember that not all teat sealants are the same:

  • Boviseal® has a patented formulation,
  • Only the patented Boviseal® formulation has been used to seal over 7 million dairy cows in Ireland,
  • Only Boviseal® has been locking mastitis out of the Irish dairy herd for over a decade.

boviseal bucketPatented Boviseal® is proven to prevent mastitis:

  • in the dry period,
  • in the first 100 days after calving,
  • in the following lactation.

Boviseal Ireland advert 600x675px

Boviseal Ireland advert 600x660px

Not All Teat Sealants Are The Same...

Not all teat sealants are the same. Boviseal® has a patented formulation and contains a special ingredient called colloidal anhydrous silica.

This Boviseal® ingredient gives the seal its body and viscosity; making it thick enough to remain in the teat canal of the cow throughout the entire dry cow period.

Boviseal®’s colloidal anhydrous silica formulation also gives the product its flexibility, which is necessary for the product to stay in place as the cow moves around and lies down.

In spite of the pressure on the cow’s udder and teats when she lies down, Boviseal® will remain in the teat canal due to its formulation.

Protect Your Profits With Boviseal®

A straightforward clinical mastitis case costs around €150 to €200. This does not take into account the loss of milk for the rest of lactation due to reduced yield. Nor does it take into account the potential to lose the cow to mastitis.

A bad case of mastitis can cost the farmer as much as €2000 in terms of treatment, loss of milk yield and replacement cost.

Below, you can see the typical return on investment provided by Boviseal® teat sealant. We’ve also provided a link to a calculator tool, so you can work out the likely return on investment on your own farm. Did you know, that in a trial on an Irish farm, Boviseal® was shown to give a 300% return on investment? Why not protect your own profit margin with Boviseal® this dry off.

  1. Click here to see the typical return on investment provided by Boviseal.
  2. Click here to use the Boviseal return on investment calculator.

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mastitis toolkit

Mastitis Prevention Toolkit

Boviseal Irish Trial Results

Boviseal Irish Trial Results

Check out the results of our trial, in which Boviseal was shown to give a 300% return on investment on an Irish farm.

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Boviseal Farmer Testimonials

Boviseal has been sealing mastitis out of the Irish dairy herd for over a decade. Read about the great results these farmers have had with Boviseal.

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Read an article on best practice for mastitis prevention at dry off.

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For more information on unique Boviseal, speak to your vet or call Bimeda on Lo Call 1850 51 52 53


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